Water Quality Testing

The Onondaga County Health Department samples Oneida Shores Beach and Jamesville Beach approximately every two weeks during the summer season. Samples are analyzed for bacteria Escherichia coli (E.coli). A result equal to or above 235 E. coli colonies/100 ml represents an exceedance of the state standard. Test results are available approximately 24 hours after the samples are taken, as sample analysis takes 18-24 hours.

Beach Closures
A beach is closed when a sample exceeds the 235 E. coli colonies/100 ml. threshold. The water will then be re-sampled daily until levels decrease. Once acceptable levels of bacteria are found, then the beach will be reopened.

The causes of elevated bacteria levels are not always clear. They may be related to land uses in the watershed, storm water runoff, naturally occurring sand or soil bacteria, or other factors.

Jamesville Beach

Date Sampled    Results (E.coli/100ml)   Beach Status    Comments

Oneida Shores

Date Sampled    Results (E.coli/100ml)    Beach Status    Comments

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