Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Everyone, even people who are young and healthy, must stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19.

If you must go out..RECREATE RESPONSIBLY:

  • WEAR A MASK - many of our parks are much busier than usual making social distancing on trails next to impossible. This is especially true at Beaver Lake Nature Center, where the trails are narrow in spots.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCE - do your part, stay 6 feet apart...especially if you are passing someone from behind, they can't see you so it's your job to see them!
  • AVOID CROWDS - see the first two bullets if you need further explanation:) 

Now Open:

  • The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is open, with restrictions. Capacity is limited to 500 people per day. Reservations are required for ALL visitors. Click here for more information.
  • Oneida Shores Beach is open, with restrictions, regular hours. Capacity is limited to 150 visitors per day. Click here for restrictions.

  • Boat launches at Onondaga Lake Park & Oneida Shores are now open. Regular rates apply.
  • Season Boat Launch & Beach Passes are now available to purchase. Click here to download an application.  
  • Regular admission rates apply at Beaver Lake Nature Center. Visitor Center/Restrooms are still closed and rentals are not available.

AND please note the following closings/cancellations/policies are in effect UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE:

  • All Onondaga Lake Park/Long Branch Parking Lots are closed, EXCEPT for the lot off of Onondaga Lake Parkway AND the old concession stand lot, located at the corner of Long Branch Road and Ten Eyck Drive. Please note that if nearing capacity, those lots will be closed as well. We ask that visitors not park along the road or on side streets or in nearby parking lots.
  • Parks grounds are open for passive use but make sure to stay at least 6 feet away from other people/groups. Please note: Bathrooms and buildings are closed. 
  • Do not touch surfaces that are touched often, such as benches, picnic tables, etc. Our staff has turned over benches and picnic tables to prevent this, do not turn them upright. 
  • In an effort to maintain responsible social distancing, and due to the large numbers of visitors, park police are monitoring all of our parking lots, this includes Beaver Lake Nature Center. When the lots are approximately 1/3 full, they will be closed to additional cars. We ask that visitors not park along the road or on side streets or in nearby parking lots.
  • All dogs must be on a leash at the Jamesville Beach Park Off-Leash Area.
  • Onondaga Lake Park Marina is closed 
  • All County Park playgrounds are closed 
  • All County Park recreational programs and events are cancelled
  • All County Park bathrooms are closed 
  • All County Park buildings are closed 
  • Oneida Shores Campground is closed 
  • Wegmans Good Dog Park is closed 
  • Onondaga Lake Skatepark is closed
  • Hopkins Road Park is closed and spring leagues are postponed 
  • The Rosamond Gifford Zoo 2020 Summer Camp has been cancelled
  • Highland Forest Youth Group Camping cabins & sites are closed
  • Permits to the general public for activities such as metal detecting, drone use etc. will not be issued 
  • Please avoid gatherings of any size at the cemeteries & please leave only fresh cut flowers at the gravesites
  • We are not accepting NEW facility rental reservations (shelters, lodges or camping) until further notice.
  • Refunds/Cancellations/Postponements:
    -For Shelter, Camp Brockway, Highland Forest Skyline Lodge & Youth Group Camping reservations, contact the Reservations Department at or (315) 451-6249.
    -For Arrowhead Lodge & Oneida Shores Camping, contact Oneida Shores at or (315) 676-7366.
    -For all other refunds, please contact the park where your event is scheduled.  
  • Click here for additional information from the County Executive's office & the Health Department.

Anyone over 70 years old or with a compromised immune system should not visit public spaces, including those outdoors. These residents should remain indoors or spend time in their own backyard or other personal outdoor space.

Please check this page often. As the situation evolves, this information and the dates could change. If you have any questions, please email us at

updated 5/26/20

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During your visit to Onondaga County Parks, you may be photographed, videotaped, or filmed by Onondaga County Parks or authorized parties. Your attendance/admission serves as permission for use of these images by Onondaga County Parks. Commercial photography or filming is prohibited without permission of Onondaga County Parks.